The brands

Chantelle is an international creative studio based in Paris and a family-owned company designing lingerie since 1876. 

Through the 6 brands, Chantelle, Chantelle X, Passionata, Femilet, Livera and Darjeeling, built on the principles of collaboration and innovation, we challenge conventional ways of designing, portraying and thinking about lingerie.


Chantelle - Logo

Combining it’s heritage of innovation with a strong design expertise and contemporary vision, the brand is inspired by the multifaceted woman of today and the strength of combined differences and diversity.

• Relevant

• Creative

• Timeless

• Desirable

• Empowering

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Chantelle X

Chantelle X - Logo

Chantelle X is a seductive high end fashion label. Going

against the grain of traditional codes, the brand embodies a fearless creative spirit and a contemporary take on lingerie. CREATIVE. DISRUPTIVE. ASSERTIVE.


Passionata - Logo

Passionata is a label with a current attitude.

Capturing the style and state of mind of today,

the brand focuses on expressing a feeling

of freedom and sense of truth, in tune with its time.

• Spontaneous

• Desirable

• Youthful

• Energique

• Honest

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Femilet - Logo

Femilet is the ultimate Scandinavian brand.

Combining modern design with soft fabrics for

unrivaled comfort, the brand focuses on simplicity

and quality with a true sense of intimacy.

• Simple

• Clean

• Warm

• Welcoming

• Intimate

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Darjeeling - Logo

At Darjeeling, we are inspired by all forms of femininity, from A to H cups. For 25 years, thanks to Chantelle's expertise, we have been committed to listening to and responding to women's needs so that they can feel more beautiful and free in their underwear. 

Quality lingerie adapted to all body types!


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Livera - Logo

Livera is a Dutch lifestyle brand that offers products that are accessible and easy-to-wear on a daily basis.

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